Del. No.DeliverableTypeDisseminationMonth
D6.6HARPA Press ReleasePPUM2, M36
D3.1Technological Context and State-of-the-ArtRPUM6
D5.1Application Requirements Analysis and Specification DocumentRCOM6
D6.2HARPA BrochurePPUM6, M18, M36
D1.1HARPA-OS Engine, Preliminary implementationPPUM8
D2.1SotART Mitigation of Performance VariabilityRPUM8
D2.2HARPA RTE: Interfaces and RequirementsRPUM8
D4.1Report on high-level reliability model requirement specificationsRPUM8
D6.3Dissemination Plan and ReportPPUM8, M20, M36
D7.1Periodic Progress Report 1 (PPR1)RCOM9
D5.2Report on application enablingRCOM12,M18
D1.2Identification of requirements, metrics, monitors, knobs and low-level interfacesRCOM18
D2.3System Scenarios HARPA RTE: MethodologyRCOM18
D3.2Intermediate Report on Novel Monitors and KnobsRCOM18
D7.2Periodic Management Report 1 (PMR1)RCOM18
D6.4Exploitation Strategy PlanRCOM20, M39
D6.5Knowledge Management PlanRCOM20, M39
D7.3Periodic Progress Report 2 (PPR2)RCOM21
D1.3Definition of a multi-objective control and optimization strategyRCOM24
D2.4System Scenarios HARPA RTE: InstantiationPCOM24
D5.3Best practice: Use HARPA within embedded applicationsRPUM24
D5.4Best practice: Use HARPA within HPC applicationsRPUM24
D2.5System Scenarios HARPA RTE: AssessmentRCOM30
D3.3Final Report on Novel Monitors and KnobsRCOM30
D4.2Report on development and usage of high-level platform reliability modelRCOM30
D4.3Report on integration of high-level reliability model in run-time engineRCOM30
D1.4HARPA-OS Engine, Final releasePPUM33
D2.6Dynamic Scenarios HARPA RTE: Methodology and experimental verificationRCOM33
D3.4Selection Methodology for Knobs and MonitorsRCOM33
D4.4Report on integration of high-level reliability model in OS frameworkRCOM33
D4.5Prototype platforms available for proof-of-concept of HARPA enginePPUM33
D4.6Report on instantiation of high-level reliability model in embedded system platformRCOM36
D4.7Report on use of high-level reliability model in embedded system application case studyRPUM36
D4.8Report on use of high-level reliability model in HPC application case studyRPUM36
D4.9Report on use of prototype platforms for proof-of-concept of HARPA engineRPUM36
D5.5Report on validation of HARPA use with HPC and embedded applicationsRPUM39
D7.4Periodic Progress Report 3 (PPR3)RCOM39
D7.5Periodic Management Report 2 (PMR2)RCOM39
D7.6Project Final Report (PFR)RCOM39

PU=Public, CO=Confidential
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